26-28 September, 2017

Metropolitan Expo
Athens, Greece

Global Oil & Gas Turkey Conference Programme


About ITE

For more than two decades, we have been connecting businesses to some of the world’s most significant oil and gas markets. Our exhibitions and conferences provide networking opportunities for the industry to meet key influencers and build strong relationships with peers from around the world.

We create forums that enable the policy-makers, technical experts and senior business executives to directly communicate important information and in doing so, provide a valuable insight into the forces that are directing the development of dynamic markets. We are uniting buyers and specifiers with global suppliers of all sizes – the oil majors through to specialist SMEs.

To find out about other oil and gas events organised by ITE Group, please visit www.global-oilgas.com

About ROTA

We are ROTA, the largest exhibition organisation company in Greece. We organise trade shows, exhibitions open to the public, conferences and events, catering to the specific needs of numerous market sectors, with an array of products ranging from home furnishing items to construction purpose aluminum systems.

We manage the largest exhibition centre in Athens, Metropolitan Expo, the ultra modern exhibitions grounds of which confidently host prestigious international exhibitions and a variety of highly demanding events.

We know that organizing a successful exhibition commands particularly complex procedures and careful planning, as they in turn demand specialised knowledge and ability in multiple activity fields. In parallel to cooperation, project management and the coordination of large groups of people, above activity fields commonly include advanced skills in communication, marketing, planning strategy, product development and advertising. Managing these requirements falls under the responsible supervision of highly trained ROTA personnel, who materialize the company’s strategy and planning.

Each service we deliver is infused with our passion for exhibitions and our meticulous attention to detail.

It appears we have been meeting our defined goals to a large extent, as ROTA has exhibited considerable growth for a consistent number of years, without deviating from the principles of professionalism and trust which, in essence, made its growth possible.

For more information about ROTA, please visit www.rota.gr