26-28 September, 2017

Metropolitan Expo
Athens, Greece

TUROGE - Turkey Oil & Gas Conference


One of the pillars of E.U. policy lies in the diversification of energy resources alongside the pursuit of member states towards greater security and sovereignty of their own hydrocarbons requirements.  The region of South East Europe, strategically located between the Black and Mediterranean seas is of fundamental importance not only in the realization of offshore production but also as the vital conduit between future energy supplies from Azerbaijan and the E.U.  The Global Oil & Gas Black Sea and Mediterranean conference and expo brings together stakeholders from across the region and is the annual event for keeping abreast of developments in this critical area.

Opening hours

26 September:  09.00‐17.00

27 September:  09.00‐17.00

28 September:  09.00‐17.00


If you are interested in speaker opportunities or registering as a delegate please email [email protected]